Dear Korrin,

Thank you, your tutoring abilities help my son PASS his High School reading FCAT test. In the last two years he had only made a level two and he needed a level three to graduate. I saw in the public school that my son was lost in the cracks. He was put in an extra reading class that didn’t help him. The teachers are forced to push through their curriculum and children are not being taught all they need. Everyone learns differently there are no two people the same. By hiring ABC LEARNING I gave my son that extra help he needed to PASS. His score went up that put him in level three almost a four and he can graduate on task without having to take extra reading classes again. It was the best investment I ever made for my child.

Thank you again Korrin for helping my son and giving him the help he needed. Now he can finish school knowing he can do it!

Yulee, FL